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TO016 – Tool 016 – Number Bars


These number bars are useful as a unique way to set up a sequence or introduce topics in order of importance. The bar part is a separate object and can be used by itself, although the numbers 5 and 6 aren't represented tremendously well. Use the number objects if you want to make the numbers more distinct.

There are three downloads, representing three variations. The numbers go from 1 to 10, but you can add to that by placing one of the individual numbers in to the left of the original number and bar (place the number 2 in front of the 3 and bar to make it 23).

See the tutorial for more information on using these number bars.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 016 – Number Bars

Frameworks available in this series

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TO016 – to016_1-10_v1

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TO016 – to016_1-10_v2

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TO016 – to016_1-10_v3

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