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Tool 020

Stackable Gauges

Stackable Gauges example of possible use

These gauges are very well suited for multiple comparisons. The series example displays performance over time against the same values, which works very well. They also work well when space is an issue. Notice on the series example that the gauges effectively convey their messages, but they don't take the whole chart real estate to do so.

There are from 1- to 24-segment variations, each with multiples of two and five gauges. Every gauge has been animated to spin the full range of the gauge: 277°. Divide 277 by the number of segments in the gauge you wish to use, and that will be your segment increment in degrees. See the tutorial for a complete set of instructions for setting the animation for these gauges.

You can change the starting point of the needle to another position on the gauge as well, however. It's easy and explained in detail in the tutorial. Spins can be animated to move clockwise and counterclockwise and various speeds. Many choices to tell a precise story.


Tutorial for Connector Variations/Line Bridges

Keywords: range, increments, gauge, needle, spin, panel, control, volume, slider, non-data-driven values, dial gauge, needle gauge, gage, dashboard, quantitative, qualitative; range, increments

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