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Tool 021

Line Bridges

Line Bridges example of possible use

These line bridges are so useful to prevent a visual tangle of lines, especially when the lines are the same color. They are specifically formatted so that the lines can be extended on either side without distorting the shape of the bridge or introducing a curve to the line. They can also be connected to connectors (lines that hook onto objects so that you can move the objects and not lose the connections) – important feature! The bridges should be used in a particular way, especially when the process flows are animated. All of this is covered in the tutorial.

The flows can be used horizontally or vertically, and there are many sizes from which to choose. This set of specially formatted line bridges will make formatting process flows easy and effective.

Key search words: line bridges, line humps, process flow, process lines, connector lines


Tutorial for Objects and Overlays – Blocks, Question Marks, and Qs

Keywords: line bridges, line humps, process flow, process lines, connector lines, line humps

Categories: Tools, Flows - Process

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