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Tool 029

Broadcast Lines

Broadcast Lines example of possible use

The lines in this series can be used as connectors with series Network series RE001 and RE074. The lines can be used to connect the surrounding circle of circles with the center circle. They're simple to line up: select, for example a set from RE074 with 9 circles and a set from TO029 with 9 lines. Before you ungroup them, center them vertically and horizontally. They will be ready to format when you ungroup them.

Another use might be to place the high-point-size lines within a circle to create spokes for a wheel.

They can also be used as a fade in element over a circle to section it. Just vertically an horizontally align the grouped lines with the circle and resize either the group of lines or the circle for a perfect fit.

Key search words: expand, radiate, connectors, spokes, dividers, pie


Tutorial for Radiating Arcs

Keywords: expand, radiate, connectors, spokes, dividers, pie

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