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Tool 041

Horizontal Heat Gauge

Horizontal Heat Gauge example of possible use

These gauges can be used to show any number of ratings concepts: the traditional green for "go," yellow for "caution," and red for "stop"; add a words at start and end of gauge gradient like "happy" and "sad," "good" and "bad," etc. (no need to add words along the gradient; or use only part of the gradient to illustrate degrees of one thing (as in the series example, which shows degrees of hotness).

The download contains all of the variations of the heat gauge: variations of one continuous gradient and variations of step gradients. The second page of the download/bundle contains a step gradient with the colors called out. Below this step gradient is a second version with gradient blends between each color. You can use this technique to create a step gradient with your own preferred colors and then add blends between each color. Take a look at the gradient blends to see how to set them up. It's very easy. The third slide in the download/bundle contains the series example for you to use as a possible jumping off point.

The nice thing about heat gradient is that it requires just a minimum of labeling. Usually labels at each end will suffice.


Tutorial for Vertical Semitransparent Funnels with Cuts/Screens

Keywords: stop and go chart, hot and cold chart, gradient gauge, gradient measurement chart

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