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Text Table 002

Table with Underlying Flow

Table with Underlying Flow example of possible use

These text tables are pretty and blend well with the style in tt001. The arrow backing creates flow direction so you don't have to resort to the overused elongated triangles or arrows to indicate flow. Important: this format works best when the text strings in each cell are short.

Also important: the white lines that are formatted between the rows in v01 and v02 and between columns in v03-v06 are ready to use in templates that have white backgrounds. For colored backgrounds, format the separator lines in the table to match the background. If a background with a gradient is used, these tables are not as effective because the lines become too distinct. These templates work better when these separator lines blend with the background.

Be sure to check with the tutorial for formatting tips. You'll want to change the dividing lines, both vertically and horizontally, to match your template. You'll also want to change the backing arrow gradient color(s).

This example was produced in PowerPoint 2007. All effects are achievable in pre-PowerPoint 2007 except for the shadows behind the photos, but you can add the round shadows in de001 or 002 if you want shadows behind your round photos.

Key search words: text table, short text string, underlying flow

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.


Tutorial for Side-Heading Tables

Keywords: text table, short text string, underlying flow

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