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Non-Data-Driven Likert Chart

Non-Data-Driven Likert Chart example of possible use

This non-data-driven chart allows you to plot values based on observations, research, and/or results. The tutorial helps you understand how to plot the line and make changes in the structure of the table(s). These charts help to illustrate performance for many different categories, providing a complete picture of assessments for a person/project/object. The range of comparisons can include:

  • Short/long
  • Poor/good (as in the downloads)
  • Few/many
  • Short/long
  • Standard/custom
  • Low/high
  • None/great
  • etc.

There are two versions of these performance charts: one with number value headings and one without number value headings.

There is a link in the tutorial to a YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vVYblsBCAI) that explains how to set up a likert chart in Excel in case you need to tabulate and plot results from an Excel spreadsheet. It's very well done and explains the several steps very well. The only trouble is that it works within Excel, not Excel within PowerPoint. This means that some of the steps are not usable within PowerPoint. We've included a download for a likert chart we've been able to develop within PowerPoint, but the steps are very long and we haven't been able to determine how to make it easily usable with different amounts of data, etc. We're still working on this, but it may be that we simply will provide the steps instead of the downloads. You're welcome to download the data-driven likert chart to take a look at it.


Tutorial for Gantt Tables

Keywords: chart plotting short/long timing, poor/good chart, few/many chart, short/long chart, low/high chart, standard/custom chart, likert chart, likert plot

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