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TT012 – Text Table 012 – Gantt Table


These gantt tables are nice because they keep everything lined up as you're developing you slide. But there is a development technique that you need to know to help make this happen easily. There are also three table formatting techniques that will help you. They're easy and very valuable to know. Be sure to review the tutorial on this series before you begin customizing these gantt tables. It will save you lots of time – really.

There are two downloads:

  • 2- through 8-week (7-day weeks) gantt tables: 7 slides in the download
  • 2- through 6-month (4-week months): 5 slides in the download

Choose which slide best suits your needs and delete the rest.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Text Table 012 – Gantt Tables

Frameworks available in this series

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TT012 – tt012_month

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TT012 – tt012_week

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