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Vertical Flow 006

Funnel Flow

Funnel Flow example of possible use

The little funnel graphics between the round-edge rectangles suggest that one topic flows into the next. The downloads are set up so they are on the left-hand side of the slide, making it easy to add associated text for each bar.

This graphic is versatile: it can be used as a replacement for a funnel, a bullet alternative, and a vertical flow. You can also replace the rounded-edge rectangles with whatever you like and use the funnel graphics to suggest a downward flow.

Unlike a traditional flow, there is no narrowing at the bottom. Each section is the same size, which implies that they are equal. These are just objects that flow into each other rather than a process of something flowing into and out of a funnel.

Select the version you want by understanding how they are drawn and their possible uses:

  1. v01: all of the rectangles and funnels are separate fields
  2. v02: except for the top rectangle, the funnels are attached to the rectangle below. You can apply one wipe to reveal the funnel and the following rectangle. This works particularly well if you use colors and gradients. Look at the tutorial for this technique.
  3. v03: all of the rectangles and smaller funnels are separate fields
  4. v04: all of the rectangles and smaller funnels are one field, making it possible to animate from top to bottom in one click. Slowly wiping v04 from top to bottom implies a fluid and seamless flow.


Tutorial for Flows – Vertical – Multiflows

Keywords: funnel, flow, vertical flow, downward flow

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Forces, Flows - Vertical

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