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Vertical Flow 007


Multiflow example of possible use

The flows in this series are many-to-one flows, meaning that there are multiple flows going into one idea/outcome/object/action. They are perfect for high-level descriptions of multiple flows (2 and 3 flows). Because they are high-level structures, limited associated text should be used with the segments. They are very effective to introduce the high-level flow and then as a tracker on pages that offer more detail for the segments. Used this way, these trackers will keep your audience oriented to where they are in the flow process. Every segment/piece of these frameworks can receive its own fill and line color.

The series example shows the a flow using right-hand and left-hand flows from different frameworks. By combining flow segments in this manner, you can tailor the graphic to meet your needs precisely. Also, the series example has been flipped vertically so that it conveys a building up to a result instead of funneling down. The segments are small, and it is not recommended to insert photographs into the segments, which is why we have only provided one full set of the frameworks. Note: PowerPoint imports photographs into shapes based on the shape's original orientation on the slide. This means that a graphic that is flipped vertically or horizontally will contain photographs that are upside down or sideways. Don't import photographs into the sections of these frameworks unless you plan to use them as drawn: top-to-bottom vertical flows.

The tutorial has more usage information that you will find helpful.


Tutorial for Boxes to Arrow

Keywords: vertical flow, multiple flows, many to one, steps to outcome, build to result, funnel down to result, steps to completion, integrate steps into one activity and/or outcome

Categories: Flows - Vertical

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