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Vertical Flow 009

Boxes with Arrow

Boxes with Arrow example of possible use

This series is a great many-to-one flow layout to illustrate multiple objects contributing to, affecting, or becoming one object. The graphics are drawn so that there are many ways to format or size the graphic fields. The boxes are all individual fields so that they can be colored differently if you wish, and the arrow is an individual field which can receive its own sizing and formatting. The series example shows a layout with the arrow sized down. The arrow field is particularly effective when a gradient is applied. The arrow is large enough that overlaying text can be applied to describe the flow process if you wish.

There are from one to six boxes in this series. The boxes become pretty small when using seven or more boxes. It's probably better to use a horizontally oriented many-to-one flow layout for those.

The set of variations with one block can either be used as a one-to-one layout, or the many items within the block can still be used as a many-to-one layout. The reason that there are both upward- and downward-pointing layouts is because importing photographs into layouts that have been flipped in PowerPoint 2007 make the photograph appear upside down: download the correct layout for what you need to convey, and avoid flipping the layouts if you plan to import photos.

Refer to the series tutorial for ways additional uses and formatting ideas.

Key search words: upward flow, downward flow, many to one, combine, coalesce, unite, result, takeaway


Tutorial for Perspective Arrows Up

Keywords: upward flow, downward flow, many to one, combine, coalesce, unite, result, takeaway

Categories: Flows - Vertical, Flows - Arrow Variations

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