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CF008 – Circular Flow 008 – 2 Inflows Connect to Last Segment

Circular flows are generally used to depict the steps in virtuous and vicious cycles.These are processes that begin and end back at the beginning again, creating a continuous cycle.This circular flow has input from a single source that may or may not to be part of the cycle Use this framework to show a progression that feeds back into itself and begins again, with input from outside the cycle.This is actually a blend of a horizontal and circular flow elements. To create an outflow, just add an arrow (be sure to make the wings the same depth and size). See CF014 as an alternative: the last circular segment feeds into the horizontal inflow; it is not part of it. See the tutorial for more information on usage and formatting.

Key search words: circular flow, donut, flow, virtuous, vicious, segments, steps, circle, transform, evolve, progress, cycle

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