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CN004 – Concept 004 – Torn Pages

This series is very useful when a torn page piece of paper is needed. They are built so that there are full sheets of "paper" as well as sections of the full sheet. Look for the miniseries within this series, which provide a very broad use in terms of applying animation or succession of thought.

The versions with "a" after the version no. (i.e., v02a) are PNGs and have a built-in shadow that "lift" the graphic off the page. PNGs cannot be edited but have a flashy, non-PowerPoint appearance. The versions with "b" after the version no. (i.e., v02b) are EMFs and can be colored and shadowed in PowerPoint.

Also, the text on these little scraps of paper look best if they are in a handwriting font. You probably have a few that will work already on your computer. There are many others out there that you can purchase. There are a few websites that will even make a font out of your own handwriting. We have not used any of these services, so we don't make any recommendations about these resources. As with any online purchase, research it first.

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