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CN114 – Concept 114 – Top-Down/Bottom-Up

The top-down/bottom-up graphics can be applied to many concepts: giving/receiving feedback, service orientation, activity drivers, decision-making (as in the series example), and so on. These graphics will help illustrate these concepts like never before. There are two variations in this series: v1 contains graphics that have the arrow cut into the pyramid; v2 arrows are over the pyramids. Usage and animation demands will dictate which version you choose to use. For example: use v2 if you want to animate a top-down scheme and then a bottom-up scheme using the same pyramid.

The pyramids are segmented, making it easy to identify and label the levels. But apply text to this graphic sparingly. The graphic is meant to work with minimum text.

Refer to the tutorial for more ideas about formatting and animations.

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
Sorry, these examples are not available for download.

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