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FR025 – Force 025 – Swirl Atmosphere

These frameworks can be used to show a swirling or turbulent atmosphere that either invades an object (V1) or surrounds an object (V2). This is a difficult concept to express visually, but this framework does a good job.

These can also be use for other concepts as well. It's .eye-catching enough to be used as a signature graphic for a presentation, project, or seminar. It can be used to illustrate gathering or diminishing forces by increasing or reducing the number of swirling arrows.

The arrows are rather small for labeling individually unless you use the variations with fewer arrows. Sets with more arrows can be used to convey an overall effect instead of identifying and labeling each force suggested by the arrows.

Refer to the tutorial for more formatting and usage ideas.

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
Sorry, these examples are not available for download.

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