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FR044 – Force 044 – Intertwined Segments

This series suggests an intertwining or connectivity between objects surrounding a central object. Without the looping line, the surrounding objects seem independent and free floating. With the line, they seem part of a whole. Don't overlook these types of nuances when developing your slides.

Another concept for this series is "in the loop." You can use these layouts to assemble groups of people, departments, or entities.

The central and surrounding objects are small, so single words or short phrases should be used as identifiers. Let the graphic be a bold statement without the clutter of too much text.

There are two variations in this series. The surrounding and central objects are slightly different, but they both depend on the looped line to communicate the connectedness.

View the tutorial for formatting options. Simple animated reveals are beset with this type of concept.

See FR007 and FR079 for other loops.

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
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