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RE074 – Relationship 074 – Network (extended)

This series extends RE001 – Network, which contains variations with 3-8 circles around a larger center circle. RE074 contains variations with 9-24 circles around a larger circle. When you are constructing complex networks, you can pull from both of these series.

It's difficult to draw group of circles in a circle or in an arc. Even when using the Diagram Tool in PowerPoint, it is impossible to remove some of the circles to create an arc. The circles that are left just redistribute around the central object. These series solve that problem.

Another series that you may want to combine with this series is TO029, which contains sets of 3-24 lines broadcasting from a center point. These lines can be used to connect the surrounding circle of circles with the center circle. They're simple to line up: select, for example a set from RE074 with 9 circles and a set from TO029 with 9 lines. Before you ungroup them, center them vertically and horizontally. They will be ready to format when you ungroup them.

Key search words: broadcast, network, radiate, revolve, surround, encircle

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