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RE078 – Relationship 078 – Plugins

This series contains stylized graphics depicting plugins to a central/main object. These plugins convey a different message than simply connecting many objects to a central object. They imply charging, transference, downloading/uploading, connections that are temporary or situational, etc.

There are graphics for 1 to 12 plugins, with variations for 1 and 2 plugins. The reason for the variations is simply that when these graphics are rotated or flipped vertically or horizontally, imported photos can sometimes orient themselves within the graphic to the original position of the graphic, i.e., photos appear horizontally flipped or upside down. Therefore, it's important to choose the version that works best on your slide if you're going to import photos into your graphics.

The tutorial can provide additional formatting tips and the downloadable animation example can give you an idea about how you might animate your slide.

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
Sorry, these examples are not available for download.

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