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SF006 – Spiral Flow 006 – Tornado Flow

These frameworks a great to convey the concepts of lifting up, carrying away, elevating, driven to heights by external force, etc. The frameworks are in two sets: one set with a narrow starting point at the bottom and one set with a wide starting point at the bottom. While they are most intuitively viewed as having an upward movement, you can also use them with careful wording to convey a driving down or distilling something to its essence. The basic message is that the movement is caused by the force of the spiral graphic, not by the object (whatever you choose that to be) itself.

The spirals have been developed so that the front and back of the spirals are individual fields, which means that objects can be placed in between the fronts and backs so that they appear to be within the spirals. See the tutorial for tips on formatting and layering these spirals.

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
Sorry, these examples are not available for download.

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