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TI007 – Timing 007 – Break Timers

This series is a great tool when meetings are long and breaks are needed. The example has been animated to change times every couple of seconds. The downloadable series are timed at 1-minute intervals, as they should be.

The break timers are an animated page that is placed into your presentation at the point where you want to take a break. Once the page comes up in the slide sequence, click once and it sets the timer in motion. Don't click it again until it runs through the times unless you want to stop it and go on to the next phase of the presentation.

Basically, these series contain a field for each minute. They are already animated. The series has a white fill and black text, which can be changed when placed into your template. Check out the tutorial for formatting and editing techniques. Note: this was the chart of the month for December 2006.

Key search words: 5-minute break, 10-minute break, and 15-minute break, meeting breaks, timing, timers, count down

This image is provided to show one example of how you could use this framework in a presentation.
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