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TO004 – Tool 004 – Qualifiers

Use these qualifiers on charts that need to be categorized in a special way.These qualifiers will not come in as editable text, so you can size them any way you like.They come in as a set so you can size them all at once, which will make them consistent throughout the presentation/document.

When you bring the set in, ungroup them a couple of times, remove the background field if necessary, and regroup the individual qualifiers before you copy them onto the page you are qualifying.It is important to remember that charts that present real data need to have sources, even if it your company's own analysis.Those charts that are not real data need to be qualified as an estimate, illustrative, etc.This type of qualifier will lend to the credibility of the message being delivered.

See the tutorial for additional information about working with this tool (i.e., applying color).

Key search words: chart classifications, qualifiers, identifiers, stickers, categorization, category

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