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Who uses PowerFrameworks?

The PowerFrameworks resources are useful and beneficial to anyone who presents, regardless of industry, media, or language

I write the storylines and my staff produces the presentations. I use PowerFrameworks as a brainstorming tool to help me frame my words and give them a better jumping–off place

I feel like I've got an assistant! … The time I used to spend developing the graphic elements for my team is now used adding value in other areas

I produce high-end graphics. I can now save time by eliminating some of my preliminary conceptual work

I don't have to present that often, but it looks like I do. I can get a very polished presentation quickly and on my own

I find that my students have a quicker grasp of the lesson material and retain more when they can visualize a concept. … I really like adding this dimension to my lesson plan

Sometimes I have to "shoot from the hip" on the road; I don't have time to involve my staff. Now I can develop that "ah-ha" chart on my own and quickly